Julie Alexander / SIEMENS

Julie is a Director for Urban Development and leads on the Smart Cities sector for Siemens. With her global remit working with cities around the world, she is responsible for engaging with cities to showcase the role of infrastructure and integrated technological solutions in urban development. Her recent book Smart Cities: Cities in the Digital Age, illustrates the importance of digitalization in the field of critical infrastructure. Her latest research on The Business Case for Smart Cities: Infrastructure Investment has drawn global attention with its unique methodology on business case development for cities.  Julie has also now developed the IoT for Cities strategy for Siemens focussing on the use of data for advancing city services.

Particular areas of specialism include the financing and funding of urban infrastructure through the use of innovate mechanisms and value capture. On this topic, Julie recently co-authored the report – ‘Investor Ready Cities’ in conjunction with PwC and BLP Law. Julie also specialises in urban masterplanning, and digital enablement. Julie is a member of the Smart London Board, Institute for Future Cities Board and Urban Living Partnership Advisory Board. Julie is also the Chair of the Managing Board of UKCRIC – the UK’s leading urban infrastructure research community.